July 26, 2010

Unexpected Find

What an interesting weekend. Class was cancelled Friday so I headed home Thursday night...after a little stop in Broadripple. Friday I took my sisters to the Monon Center which is basically a small little water park. Then it was "game night" with my best friend from high school and her college friends. It was so much fun and gave me the perfect idea for my sign language presentation! 

Well, I was planning on heading back to school Saturday morning but instead, I got dragged to northern Indiana to help my mom clean out my grandpa's house and get it ready to be sold.  It ended up being way more fun than I thought because I had to clean out drawers and closets and ended up finding TEETH! False teeth...multiple pairs. 

But that is not the highlight of my finds. I was taking things to his garage when I saw a dirty black bag. I opened it up and found an old Polaroid camera!!!!! It took me a second to figure out how to get it opened, but after I did, I pressed the button and it took a polaroid picture. The film was super old and not good anymore, but it got me super excited to order some online and try it out. Since Polaroid stopped making film, I've gotta order it and it's running about $25 for 8 pictures. Ughhhh

Here it is:
I can't wait to get some film! Now Holga has a buddy :)

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