July 6, 2010

My Mini Mini Mini Marathon

This past Saturday I ran in a 4.5 mile race, the Carmel Freedom Run. The longest I had ever run before it was 4 miles on a treadmill. I hate running outside so I never even attempted it. My dad gave me advice, like I had never run in a race before..such as "start out slow." I didn't listen to him and ran way way too fast for my first mile and a half. Then I slowed way down at the first water break and it all caught up with me. I thought I was going to have to find a stranger and call my mom and have her pick me up! I kept walking though, right past a hooker who was going the other way...talk about a bad walk of shame! Then I thought...dang, this is going to take forever if I walk the rest of the way, so I started to jog, real slow. I kept up a slow and steady pace until the end and finished 4.5 miles faster than I had finished my 4 miles on the treadmill! My official time for the run was 57:40.09.  I'm glad I did it, and more glad it's over. Now I will be training for a 5k that's at a vineyard in late September. My goal is to run the whole way without stopping at all!

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Lindsay said...

Congrats on finishing your race! I'd love to do a 4.5 mile race, those are hard to come by. Good luck with your training! And good luck on weigh in today!