July 12, 2010

Mini Trip to St. Louis

This past Friday, right after class was over, I got in my car and headed west to St. Louis where my good good friend from high school, Stacy, is in grad school. When I got there, I brought my stuff up to her apartment and then we headed out to dinner at the Drunken Fish.
I got a pomegranate martini and Stacy got a "blue" martini. They were both super good.  While we were eating, a guy who sounded like Jon McLaughlin started singing and playing his guitar for the restaurant's outdoor guests.  For dinner I got spicy octopus sushi and stacy got veggie sushi. We shared "sticky fries" which were so so good.
After dinner we walked around and saw a cupcake shop so we had to stop in...
I forget what kind Stacy got, but I got a peanut butter cup cupcake. We had them at her apartment later for dessert.
Saturday morning we found St. Louis' famous Soulard Farmers' Market. It was huge and had incredible produce prices.  Some of their famous items are the mini donuts and bloody mary's.  It was too early for me to get a bloody mary, but we saw a handful of people walking around with them. Next time, that'll be me.
Next on our whirlwind tour of St. Louis was "The Loop" which is a lot like the Broadripple area in Indy.  We walked around and checked out our lunch options while we were looking at the cute little shops.  We ended up eating at Cheese-ology, a restaurant that only served various types of mac 'n' cheeses! My heaven! 

After walking around for a while, we went to take the Anheuser-Busch tour. It was pretty cool to see how the beer is made and the free samples at the end were cool too!

After the tour and our free samples, we went to the Venice Cafe. It sounds fancy and Italian, but it's actually a really cool eclectic (to say the least) restaurant.  Their menu is pretty small, but I got a falafel and it was really good.

After dinner there, we met up with some of Stacy's friends from undergrad. They were in town to explore too.  We were going to go to the top of the arch, but the wait was too long so we went the next morning.  I heard the elevator was a little scary, and it was, but not as bad as I was expecting.  

Overall it was such a fun weekend! I'm so glad I got to visit Stacy and we were able to explore a pretty cool city (even though Stacy may not think the same..haha).

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