August 29, 2009

Pretty Package Exhange {update}

A while back I posted about the pretty package exchange hosted by oh, hello friend. I didn't realize at the time I signed up that I would be in the midst of moving home for two weeks and then moving into my apartment. It was a crazy time! I looked at the calendar, and realized it was time to send my package. After seeing all of the packages on the flickr group, I wish I had been able to put more time into my package :( I kept calling my mom to see if my package had arrived, and the other day she said it had. I was so excited, but I'm living an hour and a half away from my family and it was going to be a while until I got the package. Luckily, my brother went to a concert in Chicago with his friend and stopped at home on his way back. He was nice enough to bring me my package and I picked it up from him this morning! I was so excited to open it!!

My partner, Erinn, from Clear Pink did an amazing job! Thank you so much :)

August 27, 2009

Ohh senior year, I love you already

I moved into my apartment on Monday.


I have lived in the dorms the previous three years, and I've had enough of them! It's so nice to be able to decorate and have a full kitchen. Once we get things settled, I will take some pics and post them on here. I think it will end up pretty cute.

On a different topic, before summer school was over, I went fishing with some friends at Lake Monroe. We got up super early (5ish AM!) and drove around forever trying to find a spot to go fishing. We ended up having to stop at a little gas station to ask where we could find a public dock to fish off of. We didn't end up catching any fish, but it was sooo much fun.

August 12, 2009

Done with summer school!!!

The weather couldn't be any better here in Indiana today. It's gorgeous! Anyways...I just took my last summer school final and now I get a whole 2 weeks of summer vacation. I was going through my usual blog reads, and I saw on oh, hello friend a gorgeous quote picture. I followed the link and found several more that are soo perfect. As begin my senior year in a few weeks, this one def. applies!

*found here

August 4, 2009

Furniture DIY

I l-o-v-e turning old furniture into cute, new, modern looking furniture. Although I've only done one project, I have quite a few ideas for future projects. If I didn't already have a desk for my apartment, I would definitely add this desk DIY project to the list!
*image from

Coupons and their best accessory: coupon book!

I am going to have to act like a grown up soon when I move into my apartment. This means clipping coupons. If you know me, you know I can't just have a plain coupon holder! I am loving this coupon holder I found at Laa766's etsy shop.

August 3, 2009

So True

I am in college, therefor, I need this print from rollandtublepress !