July 30, 2009

Add this to the "to-do" list

If I have time when I go home (after summer school's done) I am going to try to make these chairs!
These chairs were at a Mexican restaurant at Lake James, IN. Now I just need to find crackle paint and some chairs!

July 29, 2009

My first 'before & after'

Last summer I was looking around for furniture at Goodwill and saw this table for $4.99. I painted it with a few coats of white paint and used some gift wrap that I ordered from Whimsy Press. I used Mod Podge to cover the gift wrap and then used polyeurothane to cover the Mod Podge. It was so much fun but took a while because I had to sand the whole table by hand.

July 28, 2009

I wanna make these!!

So freaking cute! I am totally making them when I go home. They are from the City of Dionne and are just one tablespoon of cake mix per cupcake.

wanna smile?

Watch this video. I love this kid! It was on Perez and it is the best thing ever. I wish I could dance like this kid.

blast from the past

I've seen these pictures pop up onto a few blogs, so I checked out the rest of the pictures, and I love them all!

Here is my fave:

jasonepowell has found pictures from the past and went to their location to capture the changes that have taken place since the original photo was taken. This picture is at the Thomas Circle in Washington D.C. The best thing about this picture, is that the lady actually took her rabbit on a walk with a leash. So cute!

July 22, 2009

Good morning everyone! It's pouring rain today, but (I know this is nerdy) I just got a new umbrella so I'm kind of excited to try it out!

Well, I made some coffee, started to read my fave blogs, and came across a Lovely Package Exhange on oh, hello friend. I am SOOO excited to do this! I just got a package the other day and I was so excited to see what kind of packaging it came in so this is perfect for me. Make sure to check it out and sign up!
*top image from Ed Yourdon

July 20, 2009


I got back this morning and checked my mail. I had TWO surprises waiting for me! The first was this note from my little 6-yr old sister. I love it!
The second surprise was that my earrings had arrived! They are my first etsy purchase and I love the packaging!
I love the little extra touch of the ribbon, sticker, and library card note. They make it fun to open!
They both came individually wrapped in light pink tissue paper.

Overall, a pretty good day!!

July 19, 2009

Happy National Daiquiri Day!

Today, July 19th, is National Daiquiri Day! I found this amazing recipe on Apartment Therapy. Once I move out of my dorm room, it is on the top of my list of things to make!

July 15, 2009

Impulse purchase...oops!

I just opened my email from etsy that highlights cool shops and I saw some amazing earrings that are reasonably priced. I was looking through the shop and found some earrings that are PERFECT! I shouldn't have bought them, but I had to. The shop is Lara Lewis, and it has so many amazing pieces of jewelry set in vintage metal. Go check it out! Her shipping is reasonably priced too!

In other news, I am done with my insanely busy class and I have so much more time to do the things I want before school starts up again in late august. I currently have nothing in my own etsy shop and that NEEDS to change!!