June 25, 2009

Ok seriously...

I need to get to work. Nap done, visited my friends, and now I'm looking at blogs. Thank you procrastination. To delay the homework just a few more minutes longer, I have to share with you my new love: David Fullarton's art.

This stuff is great! I saw his office collection posted on whatpossessedme.com and had to check this stuff out. Please please go look at it all if you want a good laugh!

Ok, enough procrastination.

Hello weekend!

It's the weekend (for me anyways). My classes are done for the week but that, in no way means that I don't have a ton of homework to do. For some reason I chose to take a class that jams a whole semester of cost accounting into an 11 day, 3 1/2 hour a day class. We still have basically the same amount of homework, quizzes, and tests, but just packed into 2 1/2 weeks. So...after I get done with this insane class, I will be blogging much more!

A few things I wanted to quickly post:

This past weekend was Father's day and since my dad loves to grill, I got him a jalepeno popper grill thing from Williams Sanoma. They tasted great, but next time I think we should try it with a pepper that isn't so spicy! The filling we used was a mixture of cream cheese, onion salt, chopped garlic, and bacon pieces. YUM

For Father's day dinner, we cooked up some ground lamb from the farmer's market into kabobs and I made homemade pita bread to eat them on. It took all afternoon to make everything, but it was definitely worth it.

We also made homemade ice cream while I was home. I found the ice cream maker in the garage, cleaned out the moths (literally!) and made some delicious ice cream with my little sister. We put in crushed Oreos and that chocolate shell stuff.

In case you haven't seen the Taylor Swift rap video, PLEASE go to CMT.com and watch it. It's my new favorite thing. Fave line: "I knit sweaters, yo." hahaha

Last thing before I take a nap and then begin the copius amounts of homework:

This picture, along with 14,499 others have been scanned into a collection posted on IU's library website. When I get more time, I really want to dig into them and see what's there. Here's the backstory...

"Charles Weever Cushman, amateur photographer and Indiana University alumnus, bequeathed approximately 14,500 Kodachrome color slides to his alma mater. The photographs in this collection bridge a thirty-two year span from 1938 to 1969, during which time he extensively documented the United States as well as other countries."

If you have a few minutes, check them out!

Enjoy the weekend!

June 19, 2009

The 'Will

I can't wait for tomorrow! Hopefully the tornado that I am hiding in the basement from right now doesn't ruin my plans. I just finished the first summer session of classes and I seriously have never studied so much in my life. I think the second session of classes will be a good breather for me. Anyways, this means I don't have to study this weekend (!!) and I will be going to the farmer's market in the morning (if it's not still raining). Then, I'm going to Goodwill to hit up the storewide 50% off sale. I scoped out the store today and found the PERFECT kitchen table and it comes with 5 cushiony chairs and tomorrow it will be only $25! There may also be a visit to Anthro if I get over to that side of town. Aaaah can't wait!! I will be posting pictures when I go back to school because I left my camera cord in my room.

*Photo from Vidular on Flickr

June 6, 2009

Being a townie :)

Good morning! Before I head to the library to study for my accounting exam (that my teacher said she is making "hard") I had to stop by the farmer's market! I felt like such a weirdo taking pictures...so I only took one at the actual market.

Here's what I got: Beautiful Strawberries (I wasn't going to get any because they are SO expensive, but I heard a lady when I was leaving say that they are almost out of season!)
And some great butter lettuce and a cucumber from an Amish farm.
After the farmer's market, I walked over to Bloomington Bagel which was just across the road. I got an asiago bagel with smoked gouda and artichoke cream cheese. Thank goodness this is not close to where I live!
One last thing, I signed up to complete product surveys at the Pine Cone Research website. I saw the link on a blog and the lady said it was legit. I had my doubts, but signed up anyways. I've been doing the surveys since January of this year and I get paid $3 for each one I complete. I have deposited the checks and had no problems! I have also had the opportunity to test out products which I think is sooo cool. I can't say what products they were, but it was a lot of fun. Well, they are growing and need more survey takers! The surveys take about 20-30 minutes and you get paid $3 bucks every time! They just mail the checks right to you after you complete the survey.

Here's some info from the email:

"Do you know of households that would like to join the PineCone Research Panel? If so, please FORWARD A COPY of this email to each household you would like to refer so that they may click on the registration link shown below. That household should complete the registration form themselves and submit it. REMEMBER THAT ONLY ONE PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD MAY REGISTER. Multiple registrations of the same Household will void all registrations."

Here is the link to the registration:


Ok, I've procrastinated enough! Off to the lib!

Another Giveaway!

I just HAVE to tell you all about this giveaway from oh, hello friend. Just click on the banner above and enter to win. There are FIVE ways to enter so be sure to check it out!

June 5, 2009

Jen Loves Ken GIVEAWAY!!

Ahh, I'm in LOVE with these headbands. I don't quite know if I can pull them off, but I would just like to say I own one :) Head over to Jen Loves Kev and leave a comment on the giveaway post and you will have a chance to win the above gorgeous headband!

Tomorrow I am heading to the farmer's market and will hopefully post some pictures!