June 6, 2009

Being a townie :)

Good morning! Before I head to the library to study for my accounting exam (that my teacher said she is making "hard") I had to stop by the farmer's market! I felt like such a weirdo taking pictures...so I only took one at the actual market.

Here's what I got: Beautiful Strawberries (I wasn't going to get any because they are SO expensive, but I heard a lady when I was leaving say that they are almost out of season!)
And some great butter lettuce and a cucumber from an Amish farm.
After the farmer's market, I walked over to Bloomington Bagel which was just across the road. I got an asiago bagel with smoked gouda and artichoke cream cheese. Thank goodness this is not close to where I live!
One last thing, I signed up to complete product surveys at the Pine Cone Research website. I saw the link on a blog and the lady said it was legit. I had my doubts, but signed up anyways. I've been doing the surveys since January of this year and I get paid $3 for each one I complete. I have deposited the checks and had no problems! I have also had the opportunity to test out products which I think is sooo cool. I can't say what products they were, but it was a lot of fun. Well, they are growing and need more survey takers! The surveys take about 20-30 minutes and you get paid $3 bucks every time! They just mail the checks right to you after you complete the survey.

Here's some info from the email:

"Do you know of households that would like to join the PineCone Research Panel? If so, please FORWARD A COPY of this email to each household you would like to refer so that they may click on the registration link shown below. That household should complete the registration form themselves and submit it. REMEMBER THAT ONLY ONE PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD MAY REGISTER. Multiple registrations of the same Household will void all registrations."

Here is the link to the registration:


Ok, I've procrastinated enough! Off to the lib!

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alli michelle said...

I like to take pictures at the farmers market, too! I always feel strange, though :)