March 31, 2010

busy busy weekend ahead!

I can't wait for the fam to come down saturday morning.  I am running a 5k and my dad is running in the IU mini. Then we are heading up to Indy and I'm going to see Butler play in the Final Four! Sunday is Easter and I'm looking forward to going to church and having our family's mini easter-egg hunt :) There will be a big update after my test is done tuesday!

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March 27, 2010

mom: don't read this

The weather is nice(r) than before spring break and I am afraid that I am truly feeling what senioritis is.  I may have had a slight case my senior year in high school, but let me be honest, besides that awful chem class I took, my classes weren't really that difficult. Now I am facing graduation in a month and all I want to do is be with my friends before they all scatter to different states, countries, and continents! Rough life, let me tell you.

So...I'm noticing a flower theme with my pictures. I will try to mix it up a little in the future :)

*image by {finnrose}

March 26, 2010

Happy friday!

As you can probably see...I made some new changes to the blog! I recently discovered "blogger in draft" which is basically blogger's beta website where you can use new tools on your blog.  I added a few tabs at the top. I'm sure there will be a few more later on. Also, they have a template designer where you don't have to know any html. Thanks goodness!

Today is a gorgeous day so I think I am going to walk around Bloomington for a while...maybe take my holga along!

As I'm sitting here writing, I smell my hyacinth flower that I got from Trader Joe's when I was home. Smells like spring!
*image from DMC43

March 23, 2010


It has been so flipping long since I have had anything in my etsy store. When I was at home, I made a bunch of these necklaces and my sister graciously modeled for me.  My other sister wanted to help model too...I will be making more this weekend: many different colors.

My other tiny model (she decorated it herself!): 

Please check out my shop and tell your friends! If there isn't a color listed that you want, please send me a message and I can create a custom listing.  Thanks!

March 22, 2010

happy monday

Mondays are bad enough...and then it had to rain all day! 
At least tomorrow when it's sunny the grass will be green and 
the flowers IU planted over spring break will be refreshed  :)

*image from ange de l'amour

March 21, 2010

Spring Break: Recap

Well, after coming up with all of my wonderful ideas for places to go on spring break, I ended up staying in Indy the entire week.  My only plans were to work for my mom (genealogy stuff) and go to the gym and that's how the first few days of break were.  My mom woke me up at 7:30am almost every day to take me to her crazy classes at our gym.  I went to so many I don't even remember them all. A few of my faves:: cycling, yoga, and ZUMBA! I'm so excited that I can take more zumba classes at school even though I look like an idiot doing the moves.

I also went to pretty much every mall in the Indianapolis area. Enough said about that...

On wednesday, my mom took me to a cute little restaurant in Carmel called Serendipity.  It's inside of an old bank and you can even eat in the vault!  The food was amazing and they dyed their delicious scones green for St. Patrick's day. Overall a really cute place.

The next day, I went to a wine class at Grape Inspirations in Carmel with my parents.  I was not sure I would enjoy it because I'm not really a wine enthusiast...but it turned out to be really interesting. We learned a lot of wine terms and got to taste 7 different wines.  I loved the fruit wines and got a couple small bottles to enjoy with my friends when it's a little warmer :)

After the wine class, I met some of my friends from school at Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar.  It was college night so we all got in free!  They played some good songs and even got a bunch of the "older" crowd up on stage. It was a fun people-watching night.

Friday, I worked on my super secret project that will be unveiled Tuesday!

Saturday, I had an appointment for a facial at Bungalow 226.  I don't remember the last time I've had one so it was a treat. My mom showed me pictures of the place and it is totally my style!  The things you lay on were covered in pretty flowered quilts.  It was really Anthropologie-ish. My fave.  I will definitely go back once I start working.

Then I headed back to Bloomington to meet up with my cousin.  She brought her roommate and friend down to check out the law school and tour IU.  We played euchre, watched basketball, and had a fun night. It was definitely a fun end to my spring break.

Sorry this has been so long!  It's more of a post to remind me of the places I went over my last Spring Break.

*images from here, here, and here.

March 19, 2010

blue skies...brb

It is a PERFECT day here in central Indiana. I am going to enjoy it in a few minutes because there is a possibility for snow on sunday. Either tomorrow or Sunday I will post my spring break update. 

Tomorrow my cousin, who's my age, is coming down from northern Indiana to visit with her roommates because one of them got into law school at IU. So, I plan on showing them around and teaching them how to play Sink the Biz at Nicks!

*image from Shana Rae

March 11, 2010

Wednesday night dinners with the girls: 2nd installment

Well, so much for taking a few days off of blogging! As of yesterday afternoon, I am on spring break and I am already bored! 

Last night my friends came over for our weekly "family" dinner and I wanted to try a recipe I found for a German pancake.  A few weeks ago, I went to Chicago with some friends and a few of them ordered German pancakes for breakfast one morning. They looked so good and unique so I had to try to make my own. I think it was a success. I cut up some lemon wedges and had powdered sugar to put on top. Sooo good.  I got the recipe here.

Here's mine:

And here is the Original Pancake House's version:

Mine has a little different shape, but I like it. It has character.

March 9, 2010


My little sister (the one in high school) collects these Chiquita stickers and covers her iPod with them. I instantly thought of her when I saw them.  Chiquita is starting a new campaign and they have tons of of new designs.

On a side note, I will be taking a few days off of blogging for my Spring Break :)

*image from design:related

March 7, 2010

Pretty Package Exchange #2!!

As you can see to the right, I am participating in the Pretty Package Exchange that oh, hello friend is organizing.  Over the summer I tried out my first Pretty Package Exchange and I after seeing how it works and what everyone did for that, I am so freaking excited for this one.  I am putting these pictures on here mainly for myself, as inspiration, but I think these examples of packaging are gorgeous. Partners for the exchange are still in the process of being determined, so it will be around the end of March before I will send out my package. After my partner has had a chance to receive the package I will definitely post the results! Can't wait.

*images from debee{art}

March 2, 2010

so many things to do, soo little time!

Today has been such a gorgeous day! I wish I had classes outside of the business school so I could have realized how nice and sunny it was today, before my walk home at 5pm! 

Well, I got a nice surprise in my email, the book I put on hold way back in January finally became available for me to check out from the library. This special book...Julia Child's masterpiece: Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I'm going to look it over and pick a recipe to make this weekend.  After watching Julie & Julia over winter break, I'm pretty excited to try out a few of Julia's recipes!

*image from GillianRice