March 11, 2010

Wednesday night dinners with the girls: 2nd installment

Well, so much for taking a few days off of blogging! As of yesterday afternoon, I am on spring break and I am already bored! 

Last night my friends came over for our weekly "family" dinner and I wanted to try a recipe I found for a German pancake.  A few weeks ago, I went to Chicago with some friends and a few of them ordered German pancakes for breakfast one morning. They looked so good and unique so I had to try to make my own. I think it was a success. I cut up some lemon wedges and had powdered sugar to put on top. Sooo good.  I got the recipe here.

Here's mine:

And here is the Original Pancake House's version:

Mine has a little different shape, but I like it. It has character.

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