August 29, 2009

Pretty Package Exhange {update}

A while back I posted about the pretty package exchange hosted by oh, hello friend. I didn't realize at the time I signed up that I would be in the midst of moving home for two weeks and then moving into my apartment. It was a crazy time! I looked at the calendar, and realized it was time to send my package. After seeing all of the packages on the flickr group, I wish I had been able to put more time into my package :( I kept calling my mom to see if my package had arrived, and the other day she said it had. I was so excited, but I'm living an hour and a half away from my family and it was going to be a while until I got the package. Luckily, my brother went to a concert in Chicago with his friend and stopped at home on his way back. He was nice enough to bring me my package and I picked it up from him this morning! I was so excited to open it!!

My partner, Erinn, from Clear Pink did an amazing job! Thank you so much :)

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