January 6, 2010

still numb

*original image from Papafrezzo
ugh, it's been 12 hours and part of my face is still a little numb from the dentist. oh well. I was so productive today! I made a light box to photograph some of my knitting to put in my etsy store. I'll be posting the results tomorrow. I am also working for my mom who's a genealogist to earn money for spring break. I don't know where I'm going yet, but I will be going somewhere for my first and last spring break vacation. It will be my last because next year and every year until I retire I will be buried in tax returns at that time of the year. To top the day off, I went to a comedy club with some friends for ladies night. I thought getting called out at the gym by the spinning teacher was bad...being at a comedy club in a room of seriously only like 20 people and getting called out multiple times is way worse.

7 hours till the snow storm arrives. yay. get me out of indiana.  

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