January 24, 2010


This weekend (for most of us college kids that includes thursday), has been sooo much fun. I went home to indy thursday and met up with some of my friends from Butler. We took a bus to Howl at the Moon for college night. I came back friday and got a spontaneous manicure with one of my best friends here at school and then we went out with her roommates to see a local band play.  Saturday I went with some good friends to a nearby ski "resort."  It's basically a hill with fake snow (snow that was melting into ice because it was 50 degrees!).  We all made it back safely and had a good time. Today (right now) is the Colts' playoff game and an IU bball game. So much fun and so little time to do homework. whoops...

*top image from stefan weidt
*middle image from finkscholar
*bottom image from me!

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