February 8, 2010

Tom Crean is my hero.

Thursday may have been one of many highlights of my senior year in college. My roommate was at work, and Tom Crean (head coach of IU men's basketball) came through her line. She told him that we were sitting in the very top balcony all the way in the last row. Sadly, this is true. He offered her tickets for the group that she sits with and I happen to be in that group! We weren't getting our hopes up but he really blew my expectations out of the water. We moved from last row in Assembly Hall to ROW 8!!! Not only were we moved close, it was the IU v. Purdue game and the intensity in Assembly Hall was nothing I have ever experienced. The game was close the whole time and we were even ahead for a while. At the end, we were three points away from tying and it just didn't happen. Even though we lost, it was the most amazing basketball game I have ever been to and I know I will remember it forever. I'm sure I'll be telling my grandkids..haha

Just a frame of reference for where we were originally supposed to sit:
It's so dark you can hardly see up there!

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