April 4, 2010

Happy Easter :)

It is so much fun to have a little sister who still believes in Santa, tooth fairies, leprechauns, and Easter bunnies. My brother volunteered to be the Easter bunny this year and hid all of the plastic eggs around the house...well he got creative and taped some to the ceiling, taped them under counter tops, and some other unique places around the house.  My sister was pretty impressed. She said the Easter bunny really stepped it up this year hahaha...I love it. 

We died some easter eggs and then about an hour later made them into deviled eggs (a little family tradition).

Then we had a special Easter lunch and my family packed up and  split up. My brother and I went back to school while the rest of the family is heading up to see my grandpa who is in the hospital.  :( 

Well, the weather is beautiful, and I am off to go study so I can watch Butler v. Duke in the NCAA championship game tomorrow...more about the Final Four games later! 

p.s. my bracket has Butler v. Duke in the championship...I should have bet more than a $1 in the family pool!  I'd like to meet someone else who had Butler going that far :)

*original image from organicpixel

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